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Canadian Computing Competition

The Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) is a fun challenge for secondary school students with an interest in programming. It is an opportunity for students to test their ability in designing, understanding and implementing algorithms.


Junior Level — any student with elementary programming skills
Senior Level — any student with intermediate to advanced programming skills

Any student may choose to write any level (Junior or Senior) of the contest.


The CCC is written in February. The CCO is invitation only and written in May. See details for current year.

Registration Information

Schools register online by the deadline. View fees. Registrations are also accepted by
fax or e-mail.

Schools that have not registered for previous contests are encouraged to participate.

Detailed Information

The CCC rules and guidelines describe the structure of the competition, allowed programming languages, format of the CCC and grading process.

The CCC is also held in China at The University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University.

Preparation and Online Grader

We encourage students to prepare. Places to begin include:

If you are interested in participating in the CCC but have not learned how to program, then you might want to investigate CS Circles.

Results and Recognition

Results (CCC and CCO Invites and CCO), and averages and cutoffs are online. Teachers can access their results and generate certificates.

We recognize top-performing students.

Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO)

Approximately 20 of the top CCC Senior contestants classified as Canadian School Official are invited to the CCO, held at the University of Waterloo. This week-long event involves workshops, a contest and other extra-curricular activities. It is also used to determine participation in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).