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For the Love of Math and Computer Science

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This year is the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. As part of the Faculty’s celebrations, the CEMC held a one-day conference called “For the Love of Math and Computer Science” on October, 14, 2017. The conference was for elementary and high school teachers of mathematics and/or computer science. The goal of the conference was to inspire us as educators and strengthen our love for mathematics and computer science.

Keynote Speakers and The Program

Our conference started and ended with keynote presentations by Cecilia Cotton and Craig Kaplan.

Presenter Cecila Cotton

Cecilia Cotton is a statistician from the University of Waterloo whose main research focus is using longitudinal data to solve problems in public health. Her work in mathematics literally saves people’s lives. Cecilia presented Biostatistics: Life in Probabilities.

Presenter Craig Kaplan

Craig Kaplan is a computer scientist in the Computer Graphics Lab at the University of Waterloo. He studies the use of computer graphics in art, ornament and design and is passionate about the intersection of art and mathematics. Craig presented Adventures in Computational Art:
Moving Points Around

In addition to the keynote speakers, there were three one-hour sessions. These sessions were divided into strands targeting:
  • computer science teachers
  • mathematics teachers of grades 4 to 6
  • mathematics teachers of grades 7 and 8
  • mathematics teachers of grades 9 to 12

The focus of these sessions were on mathematics and/or computer science rather than pedagogy or instructional tools.

Grade 4-6

Session 1 Kris Knutson Relevant Mathematics in the Classroom Economy
Session 2 Rachel Hughes & Bart van Veghel Using Visual Models to Understand Mathematical Operations
Session 3 Brian Smith "Marth": The Arts in Math

Grade 7-8

Session 1 Kevin Shonk For the Love of Spatial Thinking
Session 2 Allen O'Hara Four of a Kind: Exploring the Depths and Connections of Mathematics
Session 3 Richard Clausi Coding, For the Love of Mathematics

Grade 9-12

Session 1 Shawn Godin Quadratics
  David Robinson Triples
Session 2 Rich Dlin Complex Numbers for Secondary Students
  Ramana Andra & Thomas Jackson Continued Fractions: Invisible Patterns
Session 3 Alexandru Pintilie The Wonderland of Probabilities
  Elena Corina Georgescu &
Varvara Nika
Creating a Provocative Context of Learning Mathematics with Rich Mathematics Topics

Computer Science

Session 1 Jason Schattman Creating Mathematical Art and Optical Illusions Using Trigonometric Functions
Session 2 Kirsten Nelson Shhhh! Lessons from "Discrete" (get it?) Mathematics
Session 3 Michael Chan Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Progamming and Mathematics

University of Waterloo Presenters

Session 1 Sue Ann Campbell Mathematics and Brain Rhythms
Session 2 Ian VanderBurgh Adventures in Problem Solving
Session 3 Eddie Dupont Sounds Like Sine

Download a list of sessions.


For more information, please contact Shane Bauman.