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Beaver Computing Challenge

The Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) introduces computer science to students. It is designed to get students with little or no previous experience excited about computing.

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Students in Grade 6 or below are eligible for the Grade 5/6 BCC.
Students in Grade 8 or below are eligible for the Grade 7/8 BCC.
Students in Grade 10 or below are eligible for the Grade 9/10 BCC.


Held online during two weeks of November. See details for current year.


  • 45 minutes
  • 12 multiple choice questions for 60 total marks (Grade 5/6)
  • 15 multiple choice questions for 90 total marks (Grade 7/8 and Grade 9/10)
  • some calculators permitted

The contest is held online in schools. More information for the supervising teachers is available.


The BCC is a problem solving contest with a focus on computational and logical thinking. Questions are inspired by topics in computer science but only require comfort with concepts found in mathematics curriculum common to all provinces. Connections to Computer Science are described in the solutions to all past contests.

Contest Registration Information

Schools can register for contests online by the deadline. View fees.

Schools that have not registered for previous contests are encouraged to participate, and can start by filling out a New School Application form.

Contest Preparation

The BCC exposes students to a new subject and way of thinking so there isn't a need to prepare for the contest. However, you can get a feel for the style of the problems by viewing past contests and these sample questions.

Results and Recognition

See the most recently available results booklet and averages and award cutoffs. Teachers can access their students' results and generate certificates.

We emphasize participation but also recognize top-performing students.

Instructions for Reprinting Certificates

Log into the school results page using your school number and confidential password. Under "Contest certificates", choose "Beaver Computing Challenge".