Six gold, six silver, and nine bronze medals were awarded in Stage 2 of the competition. They are listed below in alphabetical order by name. Congratulations to all the participants!

Gold Medalists
Médailles d'or

NAME                 SCHOOL                       LOCATION
NOM                  ÉCOLE                        ENDROIT

Neil Girdhar         Woburn CI                    Scarborough ON
Graeme Kemkes        Glenview Pack SS             Cambridge ON
Damian Kwok          St. Matthews HS              Orleans ON
Vlad Petric          Great Lakes College          Toronto ON
Peter Ruderman       Turner Fenton SS             Brampton ON
Darryl Shpak         Immanuel Christian School    Winnipeg MB

Silver Medalists
Médailles d'argent

NAME                 SCHOOL                       LOCATION
NOM                  ÉCOLE                        ENDROIT

Rick Byers           Welland Centennial SS        Welland ON
Jonathan Csanyi      Brookwood SSS                Langley BC
Philip Davis         Turner Fenton SS             Brampton ON
Eric Gerlach         Kingston CVI                 Kingston ON
Jed Liu              Upper Canada College         Toronto ON
Kate Stange          Chippewa SS                  North Bay ON

Bronze Medalists
Médailles de bronze

NAME                 SCHOOL                       LOCATION
NOM                  ÉCOLE                        ENDROIT

Dave Battista        Loyola CHS                   Mississauga ON
Robert Brown         Central Peace HS             Spirit River AB
Brian Chan           Streetsville SS              Streetsville ON
David Grant          Trenton HS                   Trenton ON
Yin Lei              Vincent Massey SS            Windsor ON
Joe Rideout          Alexander Galt SS            Lennoxville PQ
Graham Roff          Marianopolis College         Montreal PQ
Anthony VanDrunen    Crestwood SS                 Peterborough ON
Chad Vellacott       Mount Royal CI               Saskatoon SK