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CEMC in Person

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Curiosity and excitement are contagious. CEMC educators share an infectious love for mathematics and computer science in workshops and programs designed to bring math and computer science to life.

CEMC Visits Schools

CEMC Visits Schools connects young learners to math and computer science with in-person workshops right in their own classrooms. Led by enthusiastic CEMC educators, in-school workshops focus on developing problem solving skills and introduce kids to the bright futures that study in mathematics and computer science can bring.


Math Circles is a weekly enrichment activity for grade 6 to 12 students. Students will practice solving problems and learn techniques that can be useful for mathematics contests.

Seeing Possibilities and Rewards in Computer Science (SPARCS) is designed to spark interest in computer science among selected young women and people of other gender identities under-represented in computer science from across Canada. Held each year in May, this week-long workshop is designed for young secondary school students who have little or no previous exposure to computer science.

Programming Challenge for Girls (PC4G) introduces programming to young women in Grade 10 who have never programmed before. By the end of the day, students will have learned the basics of object-oriented programming through an interactive and practical tutorial and challenge.

Think About Math! (TAM) is designed to ignite enthusiasm for mathematics in young women and people of other gender identities under-represented in mathematics. Held each year in the Spring, this day-long workshop demonstrates that math is fun, relevant, and leads to exciting careers.