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Canadian Computing Competition Supervision

Thank you

We are grateful to all of the teachers and administrators in schools that provide their students the opportunity to enjoy and be challenged by the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC).


The CCC Online Grader is where supervising teachers manage their students’ accounts and where participating students find problem statements and submit solutions. The following is a list of the steps for supervising teachers as they prepare for and proctor the CCC. More detailed instructions on how to perform some of these steps are available.

Arranging for students to write the contest

  • If your school is new to CEMC contests, you must fill out and submit a New School Application before being approved to register your school for any specific CEMC contests. If your application is successful, we will assign your school a confidential CEMC school number and password, which you will receive by email (please note, receiving your school number and password can take up to approximately 5 business days).
  • Determine how many students will be competing and register for the CCC by the deadline.
  • Try to arrange for all students in your school to participate at the same time. The CCC may never be written prior to the official contest date. We will do our best to arrange alternate dates for serious school-wide conflicts. Please contact us if you wish to arrange this.
  • If there are students with special needs writing at your school, please contact us.

Before the contest

  • Provide your students with your CEMC school number (but not the confidential password) and ask them to create an account here. Students need only one account, and some may already have existing accounts from previous years. If necessary, you may reset the student’s password for any previously registered student.
  • Login to the teacher portal using your CEMC school number and password. Once logged in, you will need to “Approve” (or, if they are not your student, “Delete”) your “Unverified Users”. Students will then receive a message saying that they can use the CCC Online Grading system, along with their User ID. You should also "Graduate" all students that have left your school, and may choose to "Hide" any of these students if you never want to see their records again.
  • Familiarize yourself with the CCC Online Grader. In particular, ensure you are familiar with the format, programming language details and rules.
  • Encourage students to practice using the CCC Online Grader. We strongly recommend that every participant attempt the Practice Contest.
  • Late (and even last minute) registrants can be accommodated at anytime before the start of the contest by ensuring the student has an authenticated CCC Online Grader account as described above.  The CEMC will invoice the school at a later date for extra contests that are written beyond those initially registered.  Please note that extra fees may apply.

Starting the contest

  • Note that an individualized 3-hour timer will begin for each student as soon as they enter biographical information after logging in to the CCC Online Grader.
  • Point students to the problem statements which are PDFs hyperlinked from the problem names. Make them aware of the Announcements / Helpful Reminders that can be viewed after logging in and entering the contest.

During the contest

  • Put forth a “best effort” to maintain the integrity of the contest by enforcing the CCC rules. For example, try to prevent communication between participants and forbidden use of the Internet. Note, however, that the onus is really on students to do their own work.
  • You may view students’ real-time performance by viewing the scoreboard listing participating students at your school.

After the contest

  • Upon receiving notification that the scores have been finalized, view the contest scoreboard. Check that the number of students and their names match your record of who participated in the contest.
  • Upon receiving information about the cutoffs, you may generate Certificates of Distinction.