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Mathematics and Computing Contests

Canadian Computing Contest Online Grader

The Canadian Computing Competition online grader provides immediate feedback on solutions to algorithmic programming problems. It is used for the competition itself and also hosts past contest problems that we highly recommend be used to prepare for the competition.

How to Use the CCC Online Grader

  1. Register yourself. You will need your CEMC school number which your supervising teacher will have in order to register for any math contests.
    Note: you do not need to register for the CCC in order to use the CCC Online Grader for practice.

  2. Ask your teacher to login and authenticate you as a real student at your school. The school number and password is the CEMC school number used in point 1, along with that associated password.

  3. Login and begin practicing on past contest problems.

Additional Details

Please see this document for more detailed instructions and an explanation of other functionality (e.g. using a school account, authenticating students, resetting passwords and monitoring student performance).